Saturday, August 8, 2009

How to make dating more ninja friendly?

This koala has been exhausted and disenchanted by the dating scene. As pictured above, I am resigning from the various dating sites for Koala -- such as OKKoala, and Matchkoala and instead purchasing a stuffed koala for cuddling purposes.

Question in my head today: How can one make dating more like a "game" but not in the PUA style where the end goal is to get laid, but instead just to have some fun and playfulness?

I was pondering that question after a particular coffee date this morning. BTW, I think I will have to refuse any coffee dates in the future. Unless I or the datee can think of a game to include in the process.

Should I include a bingo card in my game -- trying to fill in 5 squares in a row and shout "bingo!" in the middle of said date?

And this applies not just to coffee dates, but any date really. So far, I've found that I am my own favorite date-planner. Most trees are pretty lame in their ideas -- dinner or drinks are the norm.

Koala Ninja Girl