Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fearing the Marauding Ninja Koalas

A Mr. Southern (who shares part of my first name) just wrote a blog piece on a supposed earthquake prophecy of the fall of Rome. This gent claims that marauding ninja koalas are similar to predictions of a coming apocalypse: 
It really makes me wonder though why people are always looking for things to fear. As if there aren’t already legitimate, real-world threats right in front of us. No, we have to make a bunch of crap up about marauding ninja-koalas or machine-gun toting Tsetse flies or whatever other absurd thing generates the most hits on a site (I’m hoping that thousands of people are currently searching for “marauding ninja-koalas” so as to boost my readership)
Smile and giggle. Indeed I maraud at times but what cute koala ninja wouldn't? Mostly I work subversively and undercoverly to cause a disruption to our systems. Someone needs to take down those central banks, power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats!

P.S. Has anyone here seen the cutest baby koala at the SF Zoo lately? You really should!