Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Importance of Trees to Koalas

I know that I occasionally mention trees but really I *love* trees very much. Especially my "home tree."

From a class project website:

Koalas live in societies, just like people. Each Koala has their own territory, made up of a number of ‘home range trees’ and ‘food trees’. The Koala spends most of its’ life in the trees. For safety, it comes to the ground only to move from one tree to another. These trees provide the koala with food, shelter and places for social contact. Each koala’s home range overlaps with those of their neighbours. It is in the shared, overlapping trees that most of the social interaction takes place. These are very important trees.

Thank you Home Tree for providing me with safety, shelter, food and social contact.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Searching for Koalas on Google

As a Koala, I need to keep the pulse on what human think of us. Luckily, Google allows us to see the most common search queries starting with "why are koalas..."

Here are the Top 10 results:
1) Why Are Koalas Endangered
2) Why Are Koalas Becoming Extinct
3) Why Are Koalas Important (Pshaw! Does one need to ask? It's because we're so cute.)
4) Why Are Koalas Not Bears
5) Why Are Koalas Threatened
6) Why Are Koalas Called Bears
7) Why Are Koalas Dying
8) Why Are Koalas in Danger
9) Why Are Koalas Always Sleeping (20 hours a day -- hooray!)
10) Why Are Koalas Lazy? (We're not! We just eat poorly.)

Five of the top 10 search results show a concern for our livelihood. How sweet. Remember to support your local koala today. Save Koalas! Wear cute t-shirts to spread awareness about our species.