Monday, August 17, 2009

Koala Cupcakes

You know what Monday means? Koala Cupcakes. I know you're totally craving them after seeing this picture.

They look pretty healthy for a cupcake, with walnut ears and shredded coconut for my fur!

HT: Peggy Tierney for sending the photo to me.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

How to make dating more ninja friendly?

This koala has been exhausted and disenchanted by the dating scene. As pictured above, I am resigning from the various dating sites for Koala -- such as OKKoala, and Matchkoala and instead purchasing a stuffed koala for cuddling purposes.

Question in my head today: How can one make dating more like a "game" but not in the PUA style where the end goal is to get laid, but instead just to have some fun and playfulness?

I was pondering that question after a particular coffee date this morning. BTW, I think I will have to refuse any coffee dates in the future. Unless I or the datee can think of a game to include in the process.

Should I include a bingo card in my game -- trying to fill in 5 squares in a row and shout "bingo!" in the middle of said date?

And this applies not just to coffee dates, but any date really. So far, I've found that I am my own favorite date-planner. Most trees are pretty lame in their ideas -- dinner or drinks are the norm.

Koala Ninja Girl